An Ode to Luna

After eight years of living with Luna I still believe that she may be the best dog of all time.  I have known many dogs, some mine, some fostered but Luna is really something to behold.  Luna is a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix.  I know what you are thinking.  That is a combination that is bound to be annoying.  On the contrary,  Luna is not the yappy barking type although she will bark to protect.  Her name comes from the moon shaped white line of fur that cuts through her light brown face.  Most of her body, except for her face is white.  She has the cutest little under bite and short stout muscular legs.  She weighs only about sixteen pounds which does not make her a pocket dog but definitely portable.

What I love most about Luna is her spunk.  She is the old dog of the pack but she bounds, accelerates, jumps, zigs and zags as she teases the bigger dogs to play.  She is often harassed and corralled by the younger dogs but she does not let that deter her.  She will jump out to play and then quickly dash behind a bush or a chair to avoid the punishment coming towards her.  She will willingly join a game of tug of war even when her tiny body has to reach up tall just to keep up.  Luna is that perfect mother or older sister type to her fellow mates.  She is kind, loving and sometimes stern as she has assists in raising three younger siblings and several fosters.

Luna is often sleeping belly up next to me on the couch.  She is not overly needy but generally affectionate.  A funny fact about Luna is that she does not like anything to be too loud.  She will quickly jump off your lap if you start cheering for your team on tv.  She doesn’t even really like loud talking.  I don’t think she gets scared just generally annoyed.

As is often the case in life sometimes pieces come together and make sense only as we look back.  Luna was the puppy we brought home a few months after realizing that our plans to have a second child would not come to fruition.  It was a time when the sight of a child or baby would bring uncontrollable tears of emotion.  It was a time that I rarely look back on yet when I do I realize how hard, stressful and emotional it was.  And then came Luna.  Luna whose tiny pink belly brought a smile to my face.  Luna, whose timid yet brave paws learned how to climb the stairs letting out a little bark as she did each one.  Luna who became a loving companion in times of joy and sadness.  Luna, whose unconditional love healed and filled that part of my heart that had been broken.  As her sweet little face turns white with age my affection for her grows even more.  Short legs, pink belly and moon faced Luna came into my life just in time to heal me.



Change, parenting and new beginnings

Change is part of parenting.  You watch your children change from newborns, to toddlers to teens in what seems like the blink of an eye.    As a parent, you change and grow with your child. You watch, wonder and live even more fully as your child learns to ride a bike, roller skate, hit a baseball or score a soccer goal.  Birthday parties, Halloween costumes and Christmas mornings are all so much more meaningful witnessed through the eyes of a child.

Through all of those changes and life lessons you spend hours and hours thinking of what is best for your child.  You look for the best school, the best summer camp, the best tutors. You make mistakes and corrections.  And you hope that you don’t screw them up too much.  Then there comes a time when you are at the precipice of a child leaving home and you realize: “This is it”.  No more do overs. No more adjustments. No more time.  It is like turning in your final exam and you don’t yet know if you have passed the test.  You look back on a childhood provided, full of smiles, tears, good days and bad.

Everything is on the verge of transformation.  There is a blank space where the future lies.  Will he be a success? Will he be happy? Will he be safe? Will I be ok? Who am I when I am not a full time parent?  What will I do with all of this time??  The majority of my life has been devoted to a human being whose success and happiness will ultimately take him away from me.  In the end you realize your child has grown into a man that is ready to tackle the world and become a productive member of society.  It’s a bittersweet ending but also a time of new beginnings.  And more change to come.

My UFO picture

What is that green light in the sky??
What is that green light in the sky??
This picture has benn lightened.
Same picture lightened to compare with the original.

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a digital camera.  On our way back from visitng family I was shooting some night time pictures in the car.  When I got home and succesfully downloaded them to my tablet (yey!!!) I was very interested in the last picture.  I did not see anything in the sky when I took the picture and I am sure there must be some reasonable and logical explanation for my UFO.

Despite this, it is interesting to imagine  for a second that I have taken a picture of something incredible.

One of the questions I wondered about when I took up photography was: What can I capture with my camera that has not been captured, seen or shared by someone else? Yes, I believe in aliens. No I have never seen one. It is simply interesting to wonder, hope and imagine the impossible.


Live. Dream. Create. Share.