Why would anyone want to blog?

The question came up during  a discussion on internet use and social media at work.  “Who would ever want to blog? Who would possibly want to publish the minute details of her life?”.  At the time I had never considered the idea of a blog or the motivation of a  blogger.  What was their motivation?  I wasn’t really sure but I did know it felt like a very bold process.  A few of my friends developed blogs in the years after this question was asked.  I followed their blogs and enjoyed their posts.  For the time being I was happy to be on the sidelines.

My blogging interest was a direct side effect of a job change.  Due to my new schedule I could no longer attend my favorite personal development meetings: Toastmasters.  Toastmasters had been a safe place where  I was inspired by hearing other speaker’s perspectives and being able to share my own stories.  I missed hearing stories of adventure, inspiration, joy and sadness.  I missed sharing my life with people who at first were total strangers but with whom I shared many personal details that I would not necessarily be comfortable sharing with a coworker or family member.  My group was so diverse and yet we shared a common human bond.  Pursuing my Toastmaster Competent Communicator Designation presented me with the ideal opportunity to reflect on my life, on my past and on my future.

I hear the question again in my mind, “Why would anyone want to blog?”.  I feel the fear of being published, of putting my life “out there” and I have an answer. Despite my intitial fear, today as I publish my first post, my goal is to continue to find our shared humanity, to reflect on the things that inspire me and to enrich my life with the shared experiences of the writing community.


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