In The Mood: For Reading

My reading obsession began in middle school when I discovered romance novels.  I read book after book like an obsession.  Funny but that was the beginning of a “love affair” with books.  Reading for fun is really not about fiction or non-fiction for me. It is more about what mood I am in at the time that I feel the need to read.  On my “intellectual” days I am inspired by leadership books or classics.  If life is getting too serious I dive into a mystery or a love story.  I love to pick up books that my son (currently a sophomore in high school) has read or is currently reading so I have one more way to connect with him. I read Harry Potter and the Twilight series along with him.  Some days my choice in reading is guided by my current budget.  There are so many books I would love to purchase but are too expensive so I settle for the bargain book I find at Dollar General.  Then again I may splurge if I find a book I truly love.  Reading, like everything else in my world is as varied as my mood. That is what makes life interesting.


4 thoughts on “In The Mood: For Reading”

  1. Sometimes I just want to read a light paperback novel. Just something easy that’ss entertaining so I know what you mean. I would recommend the public library if you are in the US. I used to spend a lot buying books and have cut back quite a bit by getting books from the library. In Southern California I can access the county library online and I can browse through best sellers, genres, staff recommendations and recent releases and upcoming new releases. I can then reserve the books and they are delivered to my local library branch. You can get ebooks and audiobooks as well.

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