The Kindness Of Strangers

I believe in kindness. I believe in helping others. Whether that means tutoring a struggling student or letting someone merge into your lane. I try to take every opportunity to be kind in life. Despite this general outlook I am still amazed when someone else is kind to me. This morning when I put gas in my car I forgot to close the lid. As I waited in line at the McDonald’s drive thru a man in a truck pulled up next to me and told me my tank was open. He was concerned because the top wasn’t there. Through our open windows he advised me to try to go back to the gas station where I fueled up. I thanked him and told him that the door shut without a top. Before I could say another word he proceeded to jump out of his truck and shut my tank. His girlfriend just waited patiently as he did this.

I knew he didn’t have to do this small kindness. He didn’t even have to tell me the tank was open let alone jump out of his truck!!! I thanked him and he drove off. As I pulled up to the window to get my coffee I saw him ordering inside. He nodded his head and I waved a thank you again. It was just a small kindness, a good deed, and yet it reaffirmed the goodness in this world that is so often overlooked.


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