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My UFO picture

What is that green light in the sky??
What is that green light in the sky??
This picture has benn lightened.
Same picture lightened to compare with the original.

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a digital camera.  On our way back from visitng family I was shooting some night time pictures in the car.  When I got home and succesfully downloaded them to my tablet (yey!!!) I was very interested in the last picture.  I did not see anything in the sky when I took the picture and I am sure there must be some reasonable and logical explanation for my UFO.

Despite this, it is interesting to imagine  for a second that I have taken a picture of something incredible.

One of the questions I wondered about when I took up photography was: What can I capture with my camera that has not been captured, seen or shared by someone else? Yes, I believe in aliens. No I have never seen one. It is simply interesting to wonder, hope and imagine the impossible.